1/52 {2022}

Happy New Year!

You know “that person” who shows up out of the blue on January 1st to announce that they are going to consistently blog in the new year? Well, this year it’s me–I’m THAT person. I can’t even count how many times I’ve rolled my eyes at people who announce resolutions on the first of January, so it’s ironic that this year I’m one of those people. 

But, the truth is, I just really don’t care anymore. 

One of the profound ways that holding hands with death can impact you is that it puts all things into perspective. Certain things that used to matter just don’t matter anymore and the truly important things are put in their proper place. I sincerely pray that I never have a season so filled with death and grief again… but, I also earnestly pray that I’ll always live with the posture that this season of grief made me take on—a posture of open hands and a willing heart. God is too great and our time here on earth is too short to do anything less. 

I’ve spent (or rather, wasted) so much time going in circles trying to decide what I’m going to publish on this blog. I’ve allowed myself to be bogged down by how I package my thoughts. Sharing here has become a chore; something that I avoid doing. I could go into the details of why this has happened, but I won’t (see above note about how I just don’t care about some things anymore). Instead, I’m just going to move on. 

This is post 1/52 for the year. A collection of thoughts shared every week. Maybe these thoughts will be about life… maybe about books… about Jesus… about hope… about a multitude of other things. But, I’m not going to concern myself with that. And I’m not going to make any promises. I’m just committed to showing up here every week (in the joy and in the mess) and to see where God takes this. 

Love y’all. TTYS.

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